Out of a growing concern that Darwinism was being accepted and beginning to be taught to children, IFB was founded to promote and protect Creationism. It was built on the principles that their way is the only true way to God and Heaven, to only read the King James Version of the Bible, and that Jesus Christ is coming back just for their church members.

There have been sects that have branched off the original church who continue to promote self-isolation from the non-believers and much of what is listed below. More history can be found here.


  • Religions respect the individual's autonomy.

  • Cults enforce compliance.

  • Religions try to help individuals meet their spiritual needs.

  • Cults exploit spiritual needs.

  • Religions tolerate and even encourage questions and independent, critical thinking.

  • Cults discourage questions and independent critical thinking.

  • Religions encourage psycho-spiritual integration.

  • Cults "split" members into the "good cult self" and the "bad old self.”

  • Conversion to religions involves an unfolding of internal processes central to a person's identity.

  • Cultic conversion involves an unaware surrender to external forces that care little for the person's identity.

  • Religions view money as a means, subject to ethical restraints, toward achieving noble ends.

  • Cults view money as an end or as a means toward achieving power or the selfish goals of the leader.

  • Religions view sex between clergy and the faithful as unethical.

  • Cults frequently subject members to the sexual appetites of the leaders.

  • Religions respond to critics respectfully.

  • Cults frequently intimidate critics with physical or legal threats.

  • Religions cherish the family.

  • Cults view the family as an enemy.


  • Religions encourage a person to think carefully before making a commitment to join.

  • Cults encourage quick decisions with little information.

Source: Rev. Dr. Richard L. Dowhower


  • They are the only ones who are correct when it comes to religion.

  • They believe in the King James Version of the Bible only.

  • That anyone outside of their religion is destined to be burned in Hell for eternity.

  • The only way to true salvation is to speak out loud John 3:16 and then invite Jesus into their heart. Any one who does not do this is not "saved".

  • Children including infants must be spanked and their spirit broken so that they are obedient to their parents. 

  • After a spanking or other corporal discipline, the parent is to explain what they did wrong, demand they apologize to them and then pray to God for His forgiveness.

  • The historical accuracy of the Bible (Noah and the Ark and Jonah and the Whale are true stories, for example).

  • The imminent and physical Second Coming of Jesus Christ when non believers will be left behind to suffer Armageddon and the saved will float into the sky and into Heaven for eternity.

  • A woman’s place will always be under a man, and they are never to be considered equals. A woman’s sole purpose is to have children and take care of the household. And she is never to say “no” to her husband.

  • The man is the head of the household in all things and has right to make all decisions.

  • That homosexuality is a mortal sin. However, gays can be re-programmed to become straight.

  • That all matters considered illegal (rape, incest, assault, etc.) should be kept “in house” and not reported to the police.

  • That music with a syncopated beat and TV and movies are all to be rejected as evil and belonging to Satan.

  • That sex is only for a husband and a wife, and that young people should remain pure until their wedding night.

  • If someone decides to leave the IFB, those left behind are encouraged to shun them.

  • That Christians rather than Jews are God's Chosen People.