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A Gospel of Neglect w/Anna (Part 1)

Anna grew up in a fundamentalist Christian family as part of the Quiverfull movement. She and her 6 siblings were not allowed to attend school and were very isolated from the outside world. Everything about her childhood was strictly controlled, from the clothes she wore to the media she had access to.

A Quiver Full of Trauma w/ Anna (Part 2)

Anna provides some background on the Christian movement Quiverfull, a theological position held by some conservative Christian couples who belong to Evangelical denominations that see large families as blessings from God.

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Fright-Based Faith

During this week of Halloween, we discuss fear -- fear of punishment, fear of the apocalypse, fear of God. Tammie grew up with these fears in an ultra fundamentalist Christian organization that subjected children to harsh punishments and encouraged its members not to interact with the rest of society.

Let's Call an Expert!

Today we'll hear from family therapist and cult specialist Rachel Bernstein, who has spent 27 years counseling people who grew up in high-demand groups.

You Might As Well Be a Therapist!

It's time to bring in an expert! As much as we love hearing personal stories, we'd also like to add commentary about cults and coercive control from someone who has studied the subject matter and worked directly with patients. In this episode, we sit down with Colleen Russell, a San Francisco Bay Area therapist who has spent about 20 years counseling people who were raised in or joined cults.

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Emily: Deconversion Anonymous Graceful Atheist Podcast​​

My guest this week is Emily. Emily grew up in an Evangelical Free Church in the rural Midwest. She was on the Cubbies-Sparks-AWANA track. Around age 10, she became a pastor’s kid when her dad switched careers and went into ministry. Her early childhood experiences of church were fairly positive, but she struggled with severe fear of hell and the rapture from a young age.

Jennifer Michael Hecht Doubt a History

Jennifer is a poet, an author, an award winning academic and an intellectual historian. She has written numerous books from a secular perspective. I asked Jennifer to come on the show to discuss her book Doubt: A History and its profound effect on me post-deconversion. She is one of my intellectual heroes.

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Welcome to the official podcast page for Recovering from Religion.

In these broadcasts, adapted from weekly RfRx talks, we talk to those who’ve been harmed by extreme religion and religious practices.

You meet guests with personal experiences and insights in various religions and religious groups, including Mormonism, Jehovah Witnesses, Scientology, religious activism, and more.

Some of these folks ended up abandoning their faith, others re-defined it, and some are still in process.

Our goal is not to talk anyone into or out of faith, but to provide a safe space to examine what we believe.

And perhaps, why we believe it.

Over 120 episodes.

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Mama Bears to the Rescue 

What if you’re a mother who’s a leader in the Christian community and your kid comes out as gay? Who do you call? The Mama Bears.

This is the story of one woman who created a supergroup of like-minded mothers who faced down threats of excommunication because they refused to disown their kids, and will step in if you disown yours.