We Get It...We've Been There!


No one will fully understand what it feels like to be an adult who is struggling to overcome their IFB upbringing other than other survivors. The mental, physical, and spiritual abuse that was clothed in religion and perpetrated on children in the IFB is hard for outsiders to comprehend. 

A Great Loss that Comes with Leaving

When you leave or are expelled, you lose your family, friends, and community leaving you feeling vulnerable and alone. Most lack basic life skills to handle this due to the way you are taught to think and act.

A Fear of God and Punishment

Constantly worried now about how God is going to judge you? Afraid your fire insurance policy is terminated and that you might burn in Hell for all eternity?  These are legitimate fears that happen when someone leaves the IFB. IFB teaches that God is a vengeful God who punishes when HIs rules are not followed as dictated by the IFB. 

What it does to Relationships

From family members to raising children to being in a relationship and even social and work affects them all. IFB encourages you to keep your world small and to stay with like-minded people. You are instructed to raise your children like you were raised. You are encouraged to judge people outside of your church.  Once you leave, you must reconsider all your relationships and how you treat people. It is an exhausting and lonely time.


Who are You?

Do you know who you are? Do you know what you believe? Do you know what kind of life you want to have? Do you still believe in God? So many questions arise that affects all areas of your life. Not knowing who you truly are or what you believe outside of IFB can take a lifetime. We’ve learned that you can only take one step at a time and soon you’ll look back and not recognize the person you were. You’ll do something, say something, and be something of your own choosing.

Sound like we get it?  Good because we do. And now let's get you healing and overcoming your past and moving forward to a healthy and balanced life outside of the IFB.